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Overview of Foreign Courses Print

BPR&D organizes various courses for Indian Police Personnel. These courses are conducted by Foreign Police & Security Agencies in India and aboard. Some courses are organized for Foreign Police Personnel form SAARC and other friendly countries in assistance with MEA.

Training with US Assistance:

  • ATA courses: Under the Anti-terrorist Assistance (ATA) programme of the USA, BPR&D coordinates specialized training programmes for Indian Police Personnel in India & USA. These courses included courses on Explosives Incident Countermeasure, Crisis Response Team, Terrorist Crime Scene Investigation, Post Blast Investigation etc. These courses are organized in India and USA. On an average, 12 ATA courses are organized every year out of which 3-4 courses are organized in the USA and rest in India.
  • Courses under Homeland Security Dialogue: Under the Indo-US Home land Security dialogue agreement, Govt. of US, Department of Justice, has been providing assistance in organizing specialized training programmes for Indian Police personnel in India. Courses on Cross Border Financial Investigation, Intellectual property rights, Counter Proliferation etc. are organized with assistance from US Trainers. Main objective of these courses is to train the trainers so as to enable them to replicate the courses in India.

Training courses for police officers of SAARC & other Friendly Countries:

BPR&D coordinates training courses from police officers of SAARC & other Friendly Countries in various Police Training Institutes in India on subjects like ‘VIP Security’, ‘Forensic Sciences and Forensic Medicine’, ‘Cyber Crime Investigation & Cyber Forensic’ ‘Crime Scene Investigation’, ‘IED Bomb Disposal’, ‘Course on Intelligence Collection and Discreet enquirers’, ‘Narcotics, Dog Training’, ‘Battalion Commander Course’etc.


1)   Training Programme on "Policies for View Document795 Kb View Document795 KbStrengthening Governance and Policing System" from 14 th - 18th Jan, 2019 at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Police, National University of Singapore - nomination regards

Last Updated On: 24/10/2018