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Sixth National Conference of Heads of Prison Print

Day - 1

Theme - 1- Mechanism for productive engagement of undertrial prisoners

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Theme - 2- Use of Technology with special focus on Prison Visitor’s Management System & Biometric identification of inmates

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Theme -3- Welfare and Well-being of Prison Personnel(Specific to Mental, Physical Health & Safety)

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Theme - 4 - Ensuring compliance with minimum standards in prisons: issues and challenges 

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Day -2

Theme -1- Initiatives of BPR&D in Correctional Administration

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Theme -2- 
Increased participation of community in the context of released prisoners after care system and new alternatives to present system of imprisonment  

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Theme -3- 
Best Practices of Prison Working 

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Theme - 4 - 
Modernization fund for prisons

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Theme - 5- 
Coordination among Prisons, Police and Courts for the production of under trails  

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Last Updated On: 12/04/2019