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Bureau of Police Research and Development Library e-granthalaya

        The BPR&D Library is one of the major Police Science resources in India. It has a collection of about 24,000 volumes of books and periodicals receives 43 current periodicals. 

        The collection is particularly rich in the areas of Police Administration, Police Science, Correctional Administration, Terrorism, Criminology, Crime, Security, Crowd Control, Insurgency, Weapons, Police Training, Transport, Traffic, Police Reforms, Courts, Judiciary, Law, Narcotics, Forensic Science, Policing,Juvenile Delinquency, Woman Crime, Human Trafficking, Money Laundering,Homeland Security, Computer Crime, Cyber Terrorism, Computer Crime, Woman &Violence, Judicial System, Evidence, Human Rights, Narcotics, Communal Riots, Spy, Crime Against Woman, Naxals, Cyber Crime, Cyber Law, Motor Vehicles, Adulteration, Arms & Explosive, Bombs, Pistol Fundamentals, Crowd Control,etc, The Library which contain Crime In India Publications, reports of various committees and commissions appointed by the Central State Governments, Annual Reports of various ministries and departments of the Government of India, and select Publications of international Police Journals. Most of the library functions and services are computerized. The library is providing a variety of current awareness services.

        The BPR&D Library books classified on the following subjects: Crime, Security, Forensic Science, Police Administration, Weapons, Traffic, Transport, Drugs, Riot Control, and issues of SC/ST, Minorities, Children, Gender issues, and any other subject which is the mandate of the BPR&D.

Further, the BPR&D Library having  not only Books & Periodicals but also having the following:-

  1. Research Studies

  2. Fellowship doctoral work.

  3. Case studies.

  4. BPR&D Publications.

  5. Training Videos.

  6. Films.

        The Library remains open on all working days. It is open 9.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

" The BPR D has a mandate to promote excellence and best values in policing, invest in research & development, seek and secure a ppropriate technology for optimum performance and invest in human resource development and training... "

- Navneet Rajan Wasan, IPS
Director General