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CAPT Courses Print


One of the major achievements of CAPT was to get approval of MHA for conducting foundation course of 3 months duration and short term courses of one and two weeks for the public prosecutors across the country. The mandate of CAPT enlarged with inclusion of public prosecutor courses.  3 courses of one week duration on investigation & prosecution have been organized by CAPT in which total of 111 trainees (police officers & public prosecutors) participated. The course spread over 19 sessions covered topics on- bribery and corruption, investigation and prosecution of anti-corruption cases, art & craft of examination and cross examination of witness, presenting documentary evidence effectively in the court, money laundering, presenting cyber evidence effectively in the court, search and seizure of computer data : interception of traffic and content data, role of forensic evidence in investigation and prosecution, role of medico legal expert in criminal justice administration, corporate crime, fraud and investigations, key supreme court judgments relating to criminal law, seizure and investigation of narcotics cases, tax evasion: investigation and prosecution, selected key corruption offenses in the field of film industry/Ngo’s/real estate/ defense, trial of public servants in corruption offenses and tackling economic crimes and manipulations. These sessions were addressed by eminent speakers from national judicial academy, national law Institute University, senior police forensic/medico legates, CBI and police officials. Besides, mock court exercise was organized which was actively participated by trainees.  Prizes were given to best two trainees for their outstanding performance in the moot court exercise.



CAPT has organized 3 courses on topic of traffic issues and traffic management. 111 officers from across the country participated in it. The course spread over 19 sessions covered the topics  including special efforts for road safety and accident prevention, introduction to road safety audit, road traffic accidents–emergency support (response 108 & dial 100), efficient public transport system, traffic management in urban areas, use of modern technology in traffic management, accident data collection form -recording/analysis, management of traffic through traffic control devices, traffic enforcement & management during emergency/special occasions ,traffic enforcement & management  through signs and signals, use of technology for better policing, use of technology for better policing, road safety awareness, communication skills & stress management.. Trainees were also taken to dial 100 control rooms. To address the participants, CAPT invited eminent resource persons from man it, senior police/traffic officers, master trainer, soft skill, SP dial 100, officials of RFSL, Bhopal and other govt. Departments



CAPT organized 2 courses on topic of “role of forensic science & forensic medicine in increasing conviction rate”.59 officers from across the country participated in it. The course was spread over 19 sessions and the topics discussed were introduction to digital evidence, collection and handling of digital evidence at scene of crime, forensic photo facial analysis, modern techniques in forensic science with special reference to voice analysis, forensic clues related to arms & ammunition and procedure for collection& sending to forensic laboratory, forensic of blood, semen, saliva and hair. Guide lines for collection of blood/body fluids and sending to forensic science laboratory DNA finger printing, use of technology for better policing, silent witnesses  speak out at crime scenes, classification of documents determination of age nature and problem of document examination , stress management, work life balance, advanced techniques in document examination role of chemistry in analysis of different  toxicological cases, emerging trends and challenges in narcotic substances role of medico-legal expert, cause of death and post mortem changes. The speakers included eminent speakers from Dr. H.S Gour central university, sager, CFSL, Bhopal, state FSL gar, RFSL Bhopal senior state govt. It and soft skill experts, forensic/medico legal, and police officials



CAPT organized two courses on the topic “soft skills and emotional intelligence for effective policing”. 52 trainees from across the country benefited from it. The topics covered  were Indian ethos & self leadership, use of technology for better policing, identifying need for soft skill/emotional intelligence in relation to police profession, stress management, time management, communication/listening skills ,framework of emotional intelligence, self-awareness , attitude and behavior, self-assessment, self-improvement, emotional self-control, emotional expression, well being, building bonds, collaboration, solving problems & service to people, empathy &sensitivity. Besides renowned master trainers of the state, a team of Maharashtra police academy  was invited to address the participants .

Last Updated On: 13/12/2018