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The Prime Minister of India announced the intent of the Government to set up a Police Mission in his address to the DGsP/IGsP conference (October 6, 2005). The Hon’ble Prime Minister declared “the Mission will seek to transform the police forces in the country into effective instruments for maintenance of internal security and facing the challenges of the next century, by equipping them with the necessary material, intellectual and organizational resources. The Mission should be charged with the responsibility of creating a new vision for the Police. It could decide proper time frame in which to accomplish this task. The Mission would need to pay special attention to empowering the police force at all levels; to appropriate decentralization and delegation of powers; to enhancing the skills and competency levels at the grassroots; to the promotion of a culture of excellence in police organizations; to enhance accountability to the people; to meet new challenges such as asymmetric warfare, new trends in urban unrest and disorder, and new forms of social unrest".

Earlier, while addressing the first conference of the Superintendents of Police (September 1st, 2005), the Prime Minister remarked that time had come when we should integrate policing also into our planning for development purposes, and that this old fashioned division between the development expenditure and non-development expenditure had outlived its utility.  In yet another high-level meeting of the Chief Ministers (April15, 2005), the Hon’ble Prime Minister emphasized that development and security are truly mutually inter-related and that we should evolve a combined strategy to deal simultaneously with the twin challenges of development and security.


Last Updated On: 05/01/2019